The Elijärvi Cottage village is situated in the immediate vicinity of Kuhankuono outing tracks. We have also good relations with other local service providers, you might wish to include in your stay organized tracking, canoeing, or rowing a wooden boat, that earlier was used to take people to the church.

All these you can also do independently and at your own pace, we provide you with the necessary means. It is also possible to fish in Elijärvi in many different ways, for instance torch-fishing in the night, which is quite exciting! If you are not lucky in fishing, you could also fish salmon or arctic char from the fishpond. Elijärvi Cottage provides you with the necessary licences.

The available facilities include a pond and a smoke sauna at the lakeside. A small island in the pond, with a lovely barbeque shade, is accessible via a “romantic” wooden bridge. Because crayfishes are reared in the pond, catching of crayfish is possible anytime. These facilities are available separately. You can spend an unforgettable day or evening together with your family, friends or staff by, for example, organizing a crayfish party. From the smoke sauna and the beach sauna you can enjoy a swim with the crayfish or in the river that never freezes.


The hiking routes of Kuhankuono…
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Canoe (2 pers.) 20 €/day…
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Finnish smoke sauna

The available facilities include a…
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Beach sauna

80 €/time max.10 pers.
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Bathing drum

150 €/time max.12 pers.
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Rent a cottage of superior class with all comfort. Suited also…